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Cruise Holiday

A yacht is much more than a means of transportation,
a Cruise Holiday with a yacht is the place where you can relax.

Just completely away from what you are used to in daily life; Cruise Holiday, there are no neighbors, no alarms, no noises from cars, just the sound of the rippling water.

From the Amelia you can admire and enjoy the waters of Zeeland from a very different perspective. Our beautiful yacht gives you the peace and luxury you have earned.

You are sitting first grade when it comes to viewing the natural beauty of the Oosterschelde National Park, or one of the other Zeeland waters.

Taste the local products on our ship, fresher and in a better location it can not be enjoyed than on the Amelia.

Cruise with us during one of the example Cruises mentioned below, or create your own trip together with us. It is also possible to indicate only the number of sailing days, sailing hours and direction and to discover on departure what is going on.

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Stay overnight on board the Amelia

Besides going on holiday, the multi-day tours in the examples can also be used for business purposes.

In addition, the ship can also be used for overnight stays without sailing. This can be done in Yerseke, but also at another location that we can reach by sailing, then an additional amount is requested for the movement of the ship. Further information you can find under Bed & Breakfast.

For all overnight trips and only overnight stay on board:
It is possible to book an overnight stay per person (at least one double room), but you can also rent the whole ship for you and 1 to 5 other people.

For sailing trips it is possible to sail with 12 people. Overnight stays capacity of the Amelia is 6 people on board, the remaining 6 people can sleep ashore.
We also provide you with the opportunity to sleep on shore and only be on board during the day.
This is very suitable for a business event/cruise.

In short, we completely unburden you!

With this private cruise you will feel like a different person. Relax a few days and relax on the Amelia and in the evening you can dream away in one of the three luxury suites on board. What can you expect on this cruise: You arrive in Yerseke in the afternoon. The crew welcomes you board the Amelia while enjoying a free welcome drink. We sail on the largest National Park the Oosterschelde where we can tell a lot about life on and in the water of this beautiful part…
Inland we find a lot of shipping that brings loads from North to South. The Scheldt Rhine Canal was constructed in 1975 to connect Rotterdam with Antwerp. What else can you expect on this round of Holland: You arrive in Yerseke in the afternoon and you get to know crew and ship, while enjoying a free welcome drink we leave for the Zoommeer via the smallest lock in Zeeland.
Staying on board our ship can be done in one of the three bedrooms at the front of the ship. Including this room, the Master bedroom, the largest and most luxurious room. With luxury twin bed. The bathroom with shower, toilet and sink is only accessible through this room. There is also a refrigerator and coffee machine in this room. A unique Bed & Breakfast experience in Zeeland, or a fully catered holiday to you choice.
In addition to various Vaar Vakanties, varenzeeland also offers the possibility to stay alone on board our ship. A unique Bed & Breakfast experience in Zeeland. Through this website you can request a reservation directly below, after which we will contact you. Sleeping regally in one of the three bedrooms with a view over the water.
Staying on board our ship can be done in one of the three bedrooms at the front of the ship. Including this room, the Comfort room, in our opinion the nicest large room, because you can look over the water from the bed. The bathroom you can use is right next to the room. Besides the possibility of a luxury sailing holiday also a unique Bed & Breakfast experience in Zeeland.
Your own sailing holiday in Zeeland, the Netherlands or Belgium With your own crew, who, besides sailing, also takes care of the cooking, you really do not have to think of this sailing holiday anymore. We like to transform the freshest products into a surprising meal overlooking the water. If you prefer to eat out in Zierikzee or Veere, then that is also possible. You can inform us of your preferences so that we can provide you with a holiday that you will remember for a long time. With the…