Cruise Business


A meeting, presentation or other business event at a high level
demands a stylish environment.

For your business events you can also contact Varen Zeeland.
For incentives you can find some nice examples under "Cruise" or "Cruise Holiday".

Business Varen Zeeland ..... Unique events based on your wishes.

Elegance, class and style

These words are the key to a great collaboration. As soon as you step aboard the beautiful yacht Amelia nothing feels like business anymore, it can be the ultimate basis of a wonderful collaboration.

With the possibility of consuming delicious Zeeland culinary delights, this appointment becomes an experience in itself.

Because we sail with a maximum of 12 guests, you can give your relationship an intimate and typical Zeeland business experience on the water.

We would like to discuss how this appointment should go, we can make this appointment as you have in mind.

Would you like to surprise your business relations with a luxurious Cava in combination with a well-stocked Zeeland oyster?

Or did you combine more with a beer from the region with a combination of Zeeuwse Zilte Zaligheden? Let us know! Where can you better enjoy the Zeeland cuisine than on a yacht on the Oosterschelde?