Day Cruise

Cruise, Experience, Feel, Taste and Enjoy

Cruise with us during one of the boat trips listed below, or compile your own trip. Experience the Oosterschelde National Park from our luxurious yacht Amelia.
Experience for yourself how we experience this beautiful piece of nature from Yerseke.
Feel Zealand, with the wind in your hair and the salty air in your nose.
Taste the fresh goodies from the sea, on your plate. On board our yacht, the enjoyment is real.


(29 March to 15 July) During the lobster trip we visit a real lobster fisherman who collects his baskets to collect the loot. Meanwhile, (rubber bands around the scissors) he crabs the lobster and talks about this impressive animal. Back on board there is of course a delicious lobster soup and half a lobster waiting for you. A unique experience that you can share with friends, family and business partners.
(the whole year) Molluscs, shellfish and crustaceans are dishes that belong on this trip. Together with sea vegetables and other delicacies this forms a decor where your taste papillae have a party. Can you imagine. You are sitting on the aft deck, the sea is crashing right next to your table against the ship. On the table is a beautiful shell with shellfish and crustaceans, a plateau de fruits de mer. The best from the Oosterschelde on your plate, nicer does not exist. Raw what must be raw and the…
(late July to January) You can find mussels almost anywhere in the world. But nowhere is the mussel as popular as in Zeeland. Because of its distinctive taste, the fresh sea water of the Oosterschelde and the way of processing that is unique in the world, the Zeeland mussel has become world-famous. With us the "black Gold" is cooked in a large pan and you can enjoy unlimited. This mussel trip is really for mussel lovers.  
(September-April) Oysters, not only have a delicious taste, it is especially experience. During the opening, a story about the oyster is told. This 'Oystertainment', in combination with a glass of bubbles, makes for a party on the water. Oysters with champagne are a treat for your senses during this arrangement. With the salty air of the Oosterschelde and the wind through your hair, this arrangement is complete.
Would you like to view Zeeland from a different angle? Then try it from the water once, with a luxurious day trip on the yacht Amelia. While enjoying a delicious typical Zeeland meal, you can enjoy the view of the mussel and oyster beds, a resting seal on the sandbanks or the idyllic old towns around the water. With a private crew on board you can learn all about the Zeeland nature, but you will also find out how it tastes. We welcome you on our yacht with a glass…
Sail with us. Below you will find an up-to-date overview of a number of planned trips. Per tour you can see how many places are still available. You can request information directly from the reservation form or make a reservation, if you also want to experience one of these cruises. How UNIQUE is this: That you can reserve the ship with us for any free date in the agenda and thereby choose the tour you want, and yet, for example, want to sail with 2 people. How? Go to the…