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Ko en Ella Goud Ko en Ella Goud

About us

We are Ko and Ella Goud and we founded Goldies Travel in 2008.

Goldies is a combination of our last name and a nod to old-fashioned cosiness.

Travel stands for travel, it is about sailing, but much more than that.

Why did we start

We started our company because we are very pleased to give our guests a good feeling. We offer a moment of rest and relaxation, which you can not find anywhere else than on the water.

We have discovered that by giving a lot, we also get a lot of our guests back. That's what we do it for.

The fun we experience when our guests come on board, often cheerful, expectant and positive people.
Then we immediately feel like making a party out of every cruise. When our guests disembark, they have become our ambassadors. In fact, many have already told us that it feels like they have new friends. Some say that we treat them as family. So that.

Before ...

Before the start of Goldies Travel we sailed a few times with a ship of comparable size. Together with our foreign friends, see our blog for more information. We told a lot about the area and also learned about the most beautiful places. Our friends have already told us once, you take good care of us, you like to do this, you should make that your profession. At that time we had never thought about it ourselves, but that comment did not let us go and we are still very happy about it. During this cruise we enjoyed a very different part of the Netherlands than what you see on land. The Netherlands looks very different from the water.


The best moments are the unexpected experiences, just being open to what is on the way and making decisions for that day.

It starts with getting up and having breakfast, the panoramic view, cruise on narrow waterways or just the sea. Mooring in nice harbor places, lunch on board. Everything is a dream that becomes reality.

Vertel ons wat u van de door Goldies Travel verzorgde vakantie, dag of event/overnachting vond. We horen graag uw verhaal en ervaring(en).
Sagen Sie uns, was Sie über den Urlaub, den Tag oder die Veranstaltung / Übernachtung von Goldies Travel denken. Wir würden gerne Ihre Geschichte und Erfahrung (en) hören.